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Decluttering my Sewing Room

Well my decluttering continues… Day 5 was patterns, it took quite a while! I did have rather a lot, some many years old! I found one that was size 6,7,8! It’s definitely a LONG time since I was a size … Continue reading

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De-Cluttering my Sewing Room

I’m having a bit of a spring clean and sort out in my sewing room, it’s well overdue! I had an operation on my nose (polyps!) last week so I’m off work for a couple of weeks. As you can … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Cross-stitch

Over the last couple of months I’ve been stitching a sign for my sewing room. It’s a pattern from Stoney Creek, it’s a little dated in style, it’s typical of the 80’s and 90’s, but it appealed and it seems … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Cross-stitch

We’ve just had a few days in Derbyshire so I packed a little sewing to do in the evenings. I was strict with myself and only took one project, the sewing room cross-stitch. This is a design from Stony Creek … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

I’ve had a little break from posting over Christmas and New Year, I’ve been pretty busy though, both sewing and trying to sort my sewing room out a bit. One of my Christmas presents was a bobbin storage unit from … Continue reading

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Stitching on the go

I always have a little stitching project in my handbag for those odd moments when I’m sitting around waiting…at the dentist, in a cafe. It’s usually something small but over autumn it’s been a slightly bigger project which will end … Continue reading

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Stitching on the Move

I always have a little something to stitch in my handbag – I almost get anxious if I don’t after spending five hours stuck on a commuter train a few years ago! It’s usually one of my cross-stitch smalls and … Continue reading

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Community Stitch Challenge

At the end of last year I promised myself I wasn’t going to do any stitch-a-long projects, I was just going to stitch whatever I wanted…so how come just three months in I’m doing not one, but three weekly stitch-a-longs! … Continue reading

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Sewing Room on the Surface

Over the lockdown I started to reorganise my sewing room, I had a move round about 18 months ago but somehow it never quite felt right. The layout just didn’t quite work. This time I took everything out and started … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Pictures

Over the last few days I’ve been reorganising my sewing room, I’ve been mulling it over for a while as the previous layout just wasn’t working. I decided at the weekend to rearrange the cupboards, then if I’m happy, I’ll … Continue reading

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