Embroidery Gallery

May 2018; Three smalls

May 2018; Poppies Humbug by Faby ReillyFaby Reilly Poppy Humbug

April 2018; Embroidered smallButterfly Dance

April 2018; Spring side of Etui box, Tall Year Square

April 2018; Embroidered flowers on woolDSC_0022 (1)

March 2018; Chain stitch pages for Stitch SamplerDSC_0001 (2)

March 2018; Joyful World Stitch-a-longJoyful World by Snowflower Diaries

March 2018; Knots and Crosses pages for Stitch Sampler
Stitch Sampler

February 2018; Wedding Anniversary ‘Card’

February 2018; Embroidered Heart for Travelling SketchbookFebruary 2018; Two pages for my Stitch SamplerBeyond TAST Running Stitch

January 2018; Snowdrop Small
Cross-stitch snowdrop

January 2018; William Morris inspired embroidery
William Morris Embroidery

January 2018; Block for Signed Sealed and Delivered Quilt
Signed Tealed & Delivered quilt block

December 2017; Signed Tealed & Delivered. Cross-stitch centre block for charity auction quilt in Australia

December 2017; Mistletoe Christmas Card
Mistletoe Christmas Card in cross-stitch

December 2017; Holly Humbug by Faby Reilly 
Holly Humbug gorgeous cross-stitch decoration

December 2017; Pug and Dachshund cross-stitch smalls for my children.
A Christmas dachshund and a cute pug in cross-stitch

December 2017; Embroidered Robin for Travelling Sketchbook
Robin Embroidery

November 2017