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Sewing Room Wreath

Wreaths seem to be all on trend here in the UK at the moment, door wreaths are no longer just for Christmas, there’s ones for all year round. Well I’ve made one for my sewing room. It’s actually a kit … Continue reading

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Non Slip Mat

I’ve done a fair bit of sewing over the last few weeks and one thing I’ve found increasingly annoying is that as I sew my machine foot slowly slips further and further away, or leans against the desk side so … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Declutter 2023

I’m still working through my Sewing Room Declutter Challenge! This is meant to be a 21 day challenge in January but having started at the beginning of February I’m still working on it!! If anyone fancies doing a declutter this … Continue reading

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Cross-stitch needle-case

Carole requested a post about my needle-case so here goes, I aim to please 🙂 I made this back in 2019, the front is just a sewing themed mini sampler, I like purple so I used purple linen and then … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Declutter

I’ve had a few disturbed nights recently as I’m changing over medication, so rather than sitting feeling sorry for myself I’ve pottered in my sewing room, nibbling away at the Sewing Room Declutter Challenge, 21 days of sorting and tidying! … Continue reading

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Declutter continues

The latest daily challenge to declutter my sewing room certainly took more than a day! I’m doing the declutter challenge from Karen of Just Get It Done Quilts, each daily prompt is on youtube, I think there’s 21 challenges with … Continue reading

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Cutting the Scissor Collection

Day 8 of the Declutter your Sewing Room Challenge was scissors and snips. Now I’m a bit of a sucker for pretty embroidery scissors so I do have quite a few… I took all the scissors and snips off my … Continue reading

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Decluttering my Sewing Room

Well my decluttering continues… Day 5 was patterns, it took quite a while! I did have rather a lot, some many years old! I found one that was size 6,7,8! It’s definitely a LONG time since I was a size … Continue reading

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Declutter Day 3 and 4

Well the decluttering of my sewing room is going fairly well, though it was a bit more difficult this time so it took a little longer. Day 3 of Karen Brown’s Sewing Room declutter challenge was magazines. My first thought … Continue reading

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De-Cluttering my Sewing Room

I’m having a bit of a spring clean and sort out in my sewing room, it’s well overdue! I had an operation on my nose (polyps!) last week so I’m off work for a couple of weeks. As you can … Continue reading

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