Me Made May Monday

Me-Made-MayWell Me Made May 2016 finishes tomorrow, I think my daughter for one will be quite pleased it’s over, being chief photographer is obviously wearing a bit thin!

I’m sure many people outside the UK wonder why we always talk about the weather, there aren’t many conversations where it isn’t mentioned at some point and it is certainly the opening topic at the bus-stop when chatting to others in the queue (along with the unreliability of our buses!) Our weather is very variable to the hour, never mind the day, I rarely get dressed without peeping through the curtains to see what the weather is doing, I recently read an amusing article which described weather forecasting as a job creation scheme. Well this weeks photos might just demonstrate why we always comment on the weather…

On Monday Helen and I went to the Alhambra theatre in Bradford to watch the musical Billy Elliot, it was brilliant, I laughed and cried my way though the performance. It’s a very gritty musical, set in the North East amid the miner’s stike of the 1980’s about a miner’s son who sneaks into ballet classes instead of the boxing his father sends him to. There’s a beautiful bit in the middle where he is dancing with his future self, and I cried my eyes out when he read the letter his mum had written for him before she died, though apparently the lady on the other side of Helen was crying even more!!

It wasn’t too warm so I wore my purple knit cardigan and skirt, comfortable but smart.

DSC_0009 (1)


I finished stitching the buttons on this Anywhere skirt on Tuesday morning and wore it Tuesday afternoon, it was a beautiful warm sunny day and I certainly didn’t feel underdressed in the fine Liberty tana lawn maxi skirt and a sleeveless top when I popped into Otley.

Anywhere Skirt

On Wednesday I went on a walk with WI, it was a circular walk from Linton to Burnsall, about 7 miles. It was cold, my cagoule never came off and I seriously wished I’d packed my hat and gloves like several others had done! Underneath all those layers I had a white shirt I made last year, but I wasn’t going to take of my layers for a photograph! At least the rain didn’t start until the last mile or so…and of course being WI, we finished at Linton Village Hall with homemade tea and cakes, the carrot cakes were scrumptious!

DSC_0107 (2)

On Thursday I went to visit a friend, she has a lovely big, airy conservatory and unintentionally (I think!) Andrew has made the perfect place for sewing, the light is ideal! It’s probably a good job I don’t live there!! I sat and embroidered my Splendid Sampler in the afternoon. It still wasn’t brilliantly warm so I was back to a warm skirt and my Damson Gin  jacket, it’s not as shiny as it looks in the photos, it just reflects the light somewhat! The photo is back at home as I finished the block.

DSC_0097 (3)

Friday was all about comfort as I was on night duty, so I needed something to keep me warm on the way in early evening and certainly for when I’m tired and cold Saturday morning on my way home, my grey cardigan fitted the bill perfectly!

Saturday afternnoon was warm and sunny when I finally woke up. I threw on my Eva dress with a pashmina and sat on the patio with a glass of sherry and my OH.

DSC_0002 (6)


Sunday was hot and sunny, a day for gardening, I potted up some planters, tied up the rose over my arbour and generally weeded and tidied. I wore a pretty cotton sleeveless top in a delicate blossom print I made last year.

DSC_0005 (4)

Yesterday evening I made a sleeveless shell top from the Great British Sewing Bee book, I wore it today, though I did keep it covered up when I was doing exciting things like shampooing Rosie (our Golden Retriever) and then the inevitable clean the bathroom afterwards!

Sleeveless Shell Top

So as you can see we’ve had weather for sleeveless tops and weather for woolly hats and gloves, all in the same week! If nothing else, our weather gives us something to talk about!

I’ve enjoyed Me-Made-May this year, it’s certainly been a lot easier than last year as I’ve made quite a few clothes over the last twelve months and the balance of clothes is better, I’ve sewn quite a few shirts and tops so days when I needed to wear jeans or trousers weren’t quite such an issue…I still need to make some jeans though!



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I live in a busy market town in Yorkshire with my husband, kids, dogs and chickens. I love trying new crafts, rediscovering old ones, gardening, walking...anything creative really I started this blog after my New Year resolution worked so well. My resolution (the first one I've ever kept!) was to post a photograph of my garden on Facebook every day. My hope was that I would then see what was good in the garden and not just weeds and work, which was my tendency. The unexpected side-effect was that I have enjoyed many more hours in the garden. I am hoping that 'The Crafty Creek' will have the same effect. Happy creating!
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3 Responses to Me Made May Monday

  1. qplourde says:

    Love that flowered top, it’s gorgeous!


  2. ccmercer1982 says:

    I went to see Billy Elliot last night based on your blog post, and took my mum. We loved it, thank you! 😊


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