A Pair of Ultimate Trousers!

I have finally made myself a pair of trousers!! It’s been on my to-do list for ages, I even included trousers as part of my #2017 Make Nine challenge to try and give me the kick to get going with trousers! It became a bit of a block, but since I no longer buy clothes and all my old trousers were wearing out I had to start somewhere!

I bought this material on the last Dewsbury meet-up, Ali (AKA Thimberlina) had made a great pair of trousers in the same fabric using Style Arcs Misty Jeans pattern. As soon as I saw it in Lucky Fashions I thought Ooh, I’m having some of that! It’s a heavier stretch fabric with a lovely jacquard design on it, perfect for stretch trousers.

My first plan was to use the Misty pattern, but having looked again at the pattern I’m not convinced I’ve bought the right size! I decided this wasn’t the fabric to try and fudge the pattern as I like it too much! I had the Ultimate Trouser sewing pattern from Sew Over It, this is designed for non-stretch fabrics but I looked on line and found a few people had made it with a bit of stretch.

I cut out a size 12, lengthening the legs by about 3″ as I didn’t want cropped trosers. I stitched the seams with the stretch stitch on my sewing machine, but finished them with the overlocker. I’m still struggling to get tension right on my overlocker, the stitch looks fine, but it’s not tight enough for a seam to hold neatly. I’m beginning to think it’s my overlocker as it is about 25 years old.

Having stitched the four pieces together I tried it on. The pattern includes an invisible zip at the side. I decided as mine were stretchy, if I could get them over my hips, I would just have pull up trousers. I had plenty of room, so the side seam was stitched up. They felt a bit baggy around the waist so I took in a bit extra at the darts front and back and a little at the centre front seam.

The Ultimate Trousers are a little low waisted for me, and I also wanted a waistband in order to put some elastic in. Though my daughter’s comment to that was not to have them looking too elasticated ‘or they look like granny trousers’ Β She is clearly not at the age yet when she looks at clothes and think Ooh, that looks comfortable!!

I cut a 3″ wide length of fabric for my waistband and rather than trying to calculate the required length I just stitched it on whilst applying a little bit of stretch to the waistband, this system worked pretty well if I say so myself! I held the elastic round my middle with a bit of stretch, sewed the ends together and then inserted the elastic in by hand sewing the waistband down over it.

I just did a basic narrow hem at the foot end and my trousers were finished.

I’m really pleased with these, I just need a slight wiggle to pull them on, as you do with any snug pair of trousers, but they feel comfortable and I think they fit pretty well. I think I might make one more pair of Ultimate trousers (with a zip!) before I tackle jeans.

So I can tick another one off my Sew Nine challenge list, I’ve made the first three from my list of nine, so I’ve made a third, unfortunately it’s taken 2/3rds of the year πŸ™‚

I’m linking up with The Petite Passions as the #wardrobe builder project for September is to make a pair of trousers, why not follow the link and see what everyone else is making.


About craftycreeky

I live in a busy market town in Yorkshire with my husband, kids, dogs and chickens. I love trying new crafts, rediscovering old ones, gardening, walking...anything creative really I started this blog after my New Year resolution worked so well. My resolution (the first one I've ever kept!) was to post a photograph of my garden on Facebook every day. My hope was that I would then see what was good in the garden and not just weeds and work, which was my tendency. The unexpected side-effect was that I have enjoyed many more hours in the garden. I am hoping that 'The Crafty Creek' will have the same effect. Happy creating!
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24 Responses to A Pair of Ultimate Trousers!

  1. tialys says:

    Great job – not like ‘granny trousers’ at all πŸ™‚ I’m still wobbling about making trousers as I seem to be able to find rtw trousers that fit me perfectly and I don’t think I could match that with my own efforts 😦 My daughter did the Sew Over It workshop for this pattern and was very pleased with the results so, if I do decide to give trouser making a go I will be inspired by you both and get this pattern for myself,.

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    • craftycreeky says:

      I’ve been ‘wobbling’ about making trousers for ages, I think I’ve had the pattern and the denim to make ginger jeans and morgan jeans for about 2 years now, just trying to pluck up the courage!!


  2. claire93 says:

    your new trousers look lovely. Nice & snug around the bum and waist . . . nothing like granny trousers ^^

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  3. sewmanju says:

    It looks like you really nailed the fit on these: they look great.

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  4. Mother Hen at Echo Farm says:

    Just wondering why you say you don’t buy clothes anymore, is this to force yourself to make your own or for any other reason?


    • craftycreeky says:

      A couple of years ago I challenged myself not to buy any RTW for 12 months, this would also hopefully reduce my ever-increasing stash (it hasn’t!) I’m not a lover of clothes shopping anyway so after 12 months out I just never got back in again. I buy undies and specialist walking clothes, otherwise I just make what I want in styles that I like.


  5. nanacathy2 says:

    Granny trousers indeed. They are absolutely fabulous.

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  6. Amazing! I have yet to make a skirt (my dream) and I could not imagine making pants!

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  7. Naomi says:

    Great work! They look fascistic on you!


  8. kathyreeves says:

    That bit of stretch makes all the difference. Ironically, I just ironed a pattern for a pair of trousers myself. I am using an ugly piece of crepe for the muslin, then will cut into my wool. I have se in in the drawer too, but haven’t thought too much about the pattern, though I have a couple that might work with the addition of back pockets. We should do a SAL for jeans!

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  9. corrineappleby says:

    Not granny trousers at all although they do look comfortable (I must be that age)! These look great on you! I have to say that if I can make jeans you certainly can. They’re actually quite fun. Having said that, I’ve yet to make the Ultimate trousers despite having the pattern a year.

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  10. katechiconi says:

    They look great, you’ve got the fit just right, and I really love the choice of fabric.

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  11. Catherine says:

    They look great and fit you perfectly! You are quite the seamstress 😊

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  12. Wow! These look fantastic! Thank you for sharing your awesome pants!

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  13. lovelucie1 says:

    These look brilliant! I stumbled across some RTW pull up trousers on the internet this morning. I am seriously tempted!!

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  14. Christina says:

    Those are sooo cute!! I will need to find that pattern πŸ˜„ You did a great job sewing those.


  15. LisbethMakes says:

    These look great, and not at all like ‘granny trousers’. Fab make and good to read your experience with it.


  16. thepetitepassions says:

    I love the print you chose for your Ultimate trousers, and elasticating the waistband is something I haven’t come across yet. Definitely comfier!


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