Mini Miranda Bag

Mini Miranda BagI’ve been so busy sewing and working this week that I haven’t had chance to tell you about it! It’s my own fault, I entered too many classes in the local show and the deadline is looming, like it’s next Saturday and I’ve still to finish a scarf and a soft toy and I’ve to make three coat-hangers…no pressure then!! I have reassured my very patient OH that usual domestic standards will resume after the show!!

I’ve entered three  bags, one is definitely going to be the embroidered bag I made earlier in the year, last month I made a chicken bag and earlier this week I made a mini Miranda bag. I wanted a bag pattern that had a darker base as I found a remnant on Ebay of furnishing weight fabric with a gorgeous magnolia design. I love magnolias and this was particularly nice. However I decided the light colour wasn’t that practical for the base of a bag. I went to The Fent Shop in Skipton, a bit of a treasure trove of fabrics and found a fent of brown fabric that matched perfectly.

Mini Miranda BagThe mini Miranda bag is a pattern by Lazy Girl Designs. It’s finished size is 10 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 4″ so it’s a nice sized handbag. It has a tab closure and a faux binding edge. The instructions were really clear and straight forward, the bag went together beautifully.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern, mainly because I know what I like in a handbag. The pattern is designed for quilt weight cotton, whereas as mine was a lot heavier, I also wanted the magnolia design centred on the front and back of the bag. I therefore cut the main fabric pieces without a centre seam. I used iron-on fleece to give it a bit of body but I didn’t feel the need to interface it as well.

005 Mini Miranda Bag

Mini Miranda BagInside the Miranda bags there are pockets down each side. I like to have one zipped pocket in a bag, so I did pockets down one side and a zipped pocket on the other. My only other addition is a long key fob attached to the side seam , saves me losing my keys at the bottom of my bag!!

The pattern used Velcro to fasten the tab, I like using the magnetic bag clasps, they’re really easy to fit and I think give a professional finish.

I’m really pleased with my Miranda bag, the sides match up perfectly and the faux binding  makes a neat top edge, I’m sure I’ll be making more Mini Miranda’s some time soon!!

Mini Miranda Bag

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  1. lovelucie1 says:

    It’s really lovely. Good luck!


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