Lizzie Stitching Wallet SAL

I said a couple of days ago I could do with a few finishes…well it’s not quite happy dance time but I’ve just finished all the cross-stitch for the Lizzie Stitching Wallet. We get the instructions to stitch it together over the next couple of weeks so I’m nearly there!

Last week I stitched the first half of the biscornu scissor fob which had a square of hydrangea florets on it. This week I’ve stitched the top square, it’s really pretty with a lisianthus flower and some beads and algerian stars around the edge. It took two to three  evenings to stitch each square, Faby has worked out the timings of this stitch-a-long pretty well, just enough time to get the stitching done comfortably without it hanging around too much. We had two weeks for these two squares, the next instructions come out on Monday when we will start constructing the wallet. Continue reading

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Nelly’s Parade

I’m in the mood for a few finishes. I like having several projects on the go but sometimes it gets a bit on top of me and I start to procrastinate instead of just getting on with stuff. Pinterest is a great timewaster with the unfortunate use of being able to argue that it is ‘research’ or ‘inspiration’.

At the beginning of the year I took the rash move of applying to hold a stall at a local Christmas Dickensian Fair, it’s really busy so hopefully I should be able to sell some of my wares! I didn’t get confirmation til August that I actually had a stall so I didn’t want to make lots of things before then…but I now need to knuckle down and make things. Of course now I’m worrying ‘what if they don’t sell?’…yes I’m procrastinating! Then there’s the other half made projects which need finishing but I don’t finish because I feel guilty doing them when I should be making stuff…you get the picture!

Well today I decided to clear one of those other projects and then I can crack on with stall stuff after!

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70273 Project

70273 Project Quilt

Following the Great British Sewing Bee exhibition I read several posts who mentioned the 70273 Project, I’ve never got into ‘protest quilts’ but this one touched me. I was intrigued and started to look into it and decided I wanted to make some quilt blocks for it; so what’s it about…

Jeanne Hewell-Chambers is the lady with the inspiration and the motivation to make it happen. She writes

“Between January 1940 and August 1941 (before the Holocaust began), 70,273 physically and mentally disabled people – men, women, teens, boys, and girls – were murdered by the Nazis. Though they never even laid eyes on the disabled person they were evaluating, the Nazi doctors read the medical files and, if from the words on the page, the person was deemed “unfit” or an “economic burden on society”, the doctor placed a red X at the bottom of the form. Three doctors were to read each medical file, and when two of them made a red X on the page, the disabled person’s fate was sealed. Most were murdered within 1-2 hours.

I will commemorate these 70,273 voiceless, powerless people who were so callously and casually murdered by gathering 70,273 blocks of white fabric (representing innocence and the paper the doctors read), each bearing two red X’s (representing one person), and I will stitch them together into quilts. “


70273 Project Quilt

These quilts are going to exhibitions all around the world, in the meantime Jeanne is asking for quilt blocks with just two simple red crosses on, they can be sewn, drawn with a marker pen, embroidered, anything really, so long as all that is on it is two red crosses. There are three different sizes to make so if you would like to make some too please do have a look at her website here.

October 14th is Global Block Day, the challenge is out to see how many 70273 project blocks can be made in one day. I’ve got some red ribbon ready…

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Flower Lattice SAL 17

This year is flying by, it’s three weeks since I last showed you my silk ribbon and stumpwork embroidery, I had just finished the orange tree;

The next diamond to embroidery has a lot of stumpwork, which does take longer than silk ribbon embroidery, luckily I had a day at Skipton Embroiderers Guild when I could sit and concentrate on it for a few hours. We even had a TV crew there filming for a series, we’ve been sworn to secrecy but you never know, my flower lattice might just appear (albeit briefly!) on the TV…or then again it could end up on the cutting room floor! Continue reading

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Lizzie Stitching Wallet SAL

I’m half way through stitching this section but it is so cute I had to share it with you!

Biscornu Scissor Fob

This is the final cross-stitching section as the next two sets of instructions are for making up the wallet. We’re making a biscornu scissor fob, I’ve made a biscornu once before (another scissor fob, photo on right) they are made from two squares but they are stitched together with corners in the centre of the sides, so you get a sort of zig-zag cube effect around the fob, fiddly but do-able!

I’ve just finished the first square, it’s got a little square of the hydrangea flowers in the centre with a variegated thread and bead design around the edge. It is so pretty! It always amazes me when I do something small like this as the centre is just 20 stitches each way, which is pretty small…but that still means there’s 400 stitches in this small area!!! It’s probably a good job I don’t work out stitch-counts for bigger projects!

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Chanel Jacket

Yorkshire School of Sewing

I’ve just had a lovely sewing weekend with Anne, we’ve met a few times at sewing bloggers meet-ups in Dewsbury and Leeds, I discovered she also fancied doing the Chanel Jacket course at the Yorkshire School of Sewing, so when I found one I could go on I contacted Anne and we made a weekend of it …

I met Anne in Harrogate for a bit of retail therapy first so we hit Duttons for Buttons, the remnant shop and finally Fine Fabrics. I haven’t been to Fine Fabrics for years as it always felt it was a long way out of town, (as a non driver) but having discovered it’s less than a 10 minute walk, I’ll be back again soon!

We both had a specific shopping list for our Chanel jacket, as it happened, Gillian, our tutor, was at Fine Fabrics teaching on Saturday when we went over, so we said a quick hello. I found some braid and some buttons at Duttons and some gorgeous taffeta to use as lining at Fine Fabrics.

The Chanel Jacket course is a two day course with usually a week in between, though we’ve got two weeks, which is probably a good job as I’ve quite a lot on at the moment. We had some homework before we arrived. We are using Vogue pattern 7975, choosing which view we fancied, I’m making a longer length, full length sleeves with buttons down the front. Continue reading

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A Meander Round the Garden

Autumn seems to have arrived all of a sudden this year, not that we had much of a summer, but within the last week the leaves are changing, falling, walks are getting crunchier and there is a definite nip in the air.

I rather like our garden in autumn, there is still a surprising amount of colour and everything has that sort of laid back, overblown decaying look! Yesterday was a typical day of sunshine and showers, I managed to have a quick wander round during a sunny spell.

The rudbekia is still flowering it’s socks off in it’s temporary home down by the conservatory, I could really do with moving it back up to the AA garden but I haven’t got the heart to move it when it’s in flower.

A purple clematis has suddenly decided to make an appearance, this one has been in for quite a few years, it’s main support was a wooden obelisk but that went rotten a couple of years ago and I haven’t got round to building another one yet so it’s just been doing it’s own thing! Only this year it didn’t, until a couple of weeks ago when it decided to flower!

There’s still a smattering of roses around, I’ve a really pretty peach one in the AA garden growing up the obelisk, I really need to start tying the shoots around the frame so it grows round it rather than through it.

I’ve a few sedums around the garden and they do give a lovely injection of colour at this time, this one has flopped this year which is a sure sign it needs dividing, so that’s another job for the  autumn!

Another BIG job for the next couple of weeks is the back fence behind the pond. We’re having a new, more solid fence put up (to hopefully help with  weed control!) so I need to clear the area so he can access it both for measuring and assessing the job as well as doing the actual work. So…I need to prune the roses hard, they’re rosa rugosa so pretty tough so they’ll survive! I need to cut down all the sycamore and general vegetation on the otherside of the fence too, I’ve roped in my OH to help with this one, I’ll prune and he can bag up and take everything up to the tip.

We’ve just had a screen put up in front of the garage too, we used to have trellis but again it had finally gone rotten, my friends husband does this sort of thing as a retirement job, he suggested a screen rather than trellis. I love it, when you sit in the arbour you see the screen and not the garage, I’ll get some more climbers to grow through it.

So the garden still looks pretty green at the moment, another month and we will be back to the bare bones of the garden…and lots of tidying up to do!


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Lizzie Sew-a-Long Part 9

The Lizzie Stitching Wallet stitch-a-long comes out every one or two weeks, depending on how much stitching is needed. We’ve had two weeks to complete this section and the cross-stitch for the main wallet is now complete. I managed to finish it in a few evenings this week so I’m all up to date.

As a needle holder Faby has designed a lovely felt leaf, back-stitched up the middle both to attach it and to give a bit of interest. I think that was the fiddliest bit this week as a sharp needle was need to get through the felt, but that’s not the easiest needle to follow a cross-stitch line. In the end I drew the line on with my silver gel pen and just stitched it as neat as I could.I think the leaf a lovely touch, it fits in with the design much better than a plain square needle holder.  I bought my felt at Craft and Create in Skipton, they have beautiful wool felt in gorgeous soft shades, it feels so different to the synthetic version. They had a green which matches the colours perfectly.

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Four Lakes Walk

My friend and I aim to do a long distance walk each year, we started about five years ago with the Six Dales walk, which goes from Otley (where I live) up to Middleham in the Yorkshire Dales, crossing six dales during the 38 mile walk. We take these walks at a fairly easy pace of about 10 miles a day. The following year it got a bit longer, 84 miles of the Dales Way from Ilkley (just up the road) to Windermere in the Lakes. During the two years following we did the Bay2Bay walk, this is a walk starting in Grassington (further up Wharfedale) , one year we walked to the east coast to Robin Hoods Bay and the year after we walked west to Barrow in Furness in Cumbria, 100 miles each way, so we have actually walked across Britain!

This year, for various reasons, neither of us was fit enough to manage a long walk, so we decided to do the Lortondale walk in the Lake District. It’s a three day walk, the web site said 10, 7 and 9 miles each day, they would carry all our bags to the next B&B and the best bit…we were provided with a taxi to take us to the top of the first hill!!! That sold it!

It was sunny when we drove up to Keswick so we went the scenic route up through the lakes, rather than whizzing round them on the motorway. It turned out a bit more scenic than we planned as the main road was closed near Keswick so we drove over the Kirkstone Pass to Ullswater, the view from the top of the pass was amazing! You can just make out the road snaking down to Ambleside and Windermere.

The hotel for the first night (and the last) was in a perfect spot in Keswick, overlooking the park, five minutes walk from the lake, this was the view from the dining room window…Catbells!

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Memories in my Stitch Book

View from our hotel!

I’ve just had a few days away in the Lake District, walking the fells with a friend. We had a great time, if somewhat tiring! Of course I had to take a little stitching to keep me amused in the evenings! I decided to take another double page spread of my stitch dictionary.

I started this project a couple of months ago as a small portable bit of stitching. It’s not quite as portable as I envisaged as inevitably I need to be near a mobile or my computer for a lot of it to get the instructions off Pintangle. Sharon on Pintangle has created an amazing resource with her stitch dictionary, hundreds of different stitches with easy to follow instructions and lots of examples!  I’m trying to stitch all 100 TAST stitches in a fabric book, I’ve put them all into stitch groups so this time I started with a page on cretan stitch, number 4 of the TAST stitches. I used DMC 4515 for all these stitches. Continue reading

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