My Lizzie Stitching Wallet Homework

I’ve managed to finish this weeks homework for the Lizzie Stitching Wallet stitch-a-long in plenty of time. This SAL is being organised by Faby Reilly, I’ve stitched a few of her cross-stitch designs now as I really like her style. We started nearly three weeks ago and I think we’ll finish mid October (from memory!) The patterns are being released every one or two weeks, depending how much stitching we need to do.

Last weekend I finished the cross-stitch for the front of the wallet and eagerly awaited the release of the pattern on Monday. This is what it looked like then, just enough for me to suss out that the Lizzie in the name was for lisianthus flowers…

This week we’ve been adding the detail which is where I love Faby’s style, the back-stitches cut across the cross-stitches but the eye just sees the outline of the flower. The hydrangea flowers look gorgeous wth the back-stitching and the buds are embroidered with colonial knots, this was a new stitch for me. We had the choice of french or colonial knots,  I’ve used french knots many times so I decided it was a good time to learn a new one. Faby has a great tutorial which shows the two stitches on her website. The results are very similar, but somehow the colonial does seen firmer and flatter. These were stitched with 3 strands of threads, I’m not sure if you want a bigger knot if you can add an extra loop like in french knots or if you just use thicker thread.

The stems are stitched with the full six strands of floss, it went through a lot easier than I thought it might and to my surprise the short stitches over two threads seemed neater than the longer ones over say four threads.

There are still some beads to add in the centre of the hydrangeas and also around the curl of the frond, but as I’m using an embroidery hoop I’m leaving that til the end, I’m bound to squash them under the hoop otherwise.

Our next pattern comes out on Monday, if you’d like to join in the SAL I think you have until Monday to sign up, after that you’ll have to wait until the end of the SAL to buy the pattern! 

I’m linking up with Kathy’s Quilts tomorrow for Slow-Stitching Sunday, a weekly celebration of all things hand-stitched. Why not follow the link and see what everyone else has been stitching.

About craftycreeky

I live in a busy market town in Yorkshire with my husband, kids, dogs and chickens. I love trying new crafts, rediscovering old ones, gardening, walking...anything creative really I started this blog after my New Year resolution worked so well. My resolution (the first one I've ever kept!) was to post a photograph of my garden on Facebook every day. My hope was that I would then see what was good in the garden and not just weeds and work, which was my tendency. The unexpected side-effect was that I have enjoyed many more hours in the garden. I am hoping that 'The Crafty Creek' will have the same effect. Happy creating!
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24 Responses to My Lizzie Stitching Wallet Homework

  1. katechiconi says:

    I’ve never been much of a fan of back-stitching, too lazy, I suppose, but it’s truly transformed the work and brought the image into focus, as it were. It’s going to be such a pretty finished piece, looking forward to seeing the next stage 🙂

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  2. CurlsnSkirls says:

    This will be lovely, as it’s already looking very pretty. (From someone who dislikes pink on her person, that’s praise indeed! 😉) But better you than me with all those teensy cross stitches. 😘

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  3. Catherine says:

    What a great design! I love the colours, and as Kate said, the backstitch makes such a huge difference with this piece! I’m not sure I know how to stitch a colonial knot, but you are right, they are definitely larger and firmer!

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  4. claire93 says:

    back stitch really brings this design to life!

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  5. Gail says:

    I love how backstotching makes those flowers pop!

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  6. CathieJ says:

    I think the back-stitching really brings those flowers out. This piece is really pretty.

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  7. Carole says:

    It’s looking gorgeous.

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  8. That is truly lovely, beautiful work.

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  9. Robin says:

    What a satisfyingly beautiful piece of work. I enjoyed your explanations on why you are enjoying stitching this. I have never heard of a colonial knot. I’ll have to look that one up.

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  10. anne54 says:

    Pink and green is a winning combination, and this looks so pretty. I hadn’t heard of a colonial knot, so I am going to look it up too. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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  11. That is amazing how the back stitching and knots add so much definition and beauty!
    Thanks for linking up and sharing this lovely project with us!


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